Janome - even feed foot with guide category A

Janome - even feed foot with guide category A

Please note Category A feet are for Category A sewing machines only. If you're not sure what category your sewing machine is, please call us at the shop

For more information, take a look at our blog post about the even feed foot

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Brand:  Janome
Bobbin:  Front loading - Cat A

The Even Feed Foot, sometimes referred to as the walking foot, is designed with a set of feed dogs (teeth) which allow the fabric to feed without shifting or slipping and eliminates the problem of the under layer of fabric coming up short. It is an essential attachment with many benefits.

To see how to attach the Even Feed Foot -  See video demo

This foot fits Janome machines with a front loading bobbin - category A

Use this foot when matching stripes and checks, sewing draylons and velvets, making up knitwear or when sewing long seams on curtains especially if matching patterns. It is also useful when sewing leather, vinyls, plastics and microfibre.

The Even Feed Foot is also great for topstitching. Topstitching adds that tailored look to coats or jackets but can sometimes be spoilt due to irregularity of stitching. This is often caused because of the bulk created with the seam allowance especially around collars and reveres. Using the Walking Foot for topstitching will eliminate this problem and give perfect stitching every time.

A must for the quilter and can be used with either straight or decorative stitches. The quilter guide will help maintain perfect parallel lines when stitching.

Please note: To ensure you order the correct foot for your Janome Sewing Machine please check to see which category your machine belongs to

CATEGORY A - Snap-o-matic - Standard 5mm width - front loading

CATEGORY B - Snap-o-matic - Top loading 6.5mm / 7.0mm width ( short shank )

CATEGORY C - MC11000 / 10000 / 9700 / 9500 / 5700 / 5000 / 8000 High shank embroidery machines. MC6600P ( high shank ) 


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