Janome - embroidery/darning foot category A
 Janome - embroidery/darning foot category AJanome - embroidery/darning foot category A 

Janome - embroidery/darning foot category A

Please note Category A feet are for Category A sewing machines only. If you're not sure what category your sewing machine is, please call us at the shop

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Brand:  Janome

The darning foot, also referred to as the embroidery foot is used for 'free hand' embroidery and darning. Used with the feed dogs dropped it ensure's proper stitch formation, minimize skipped stitches and puckering and also to protect your fingers whilst you move your fabric freely under the needle. It's a fun and easy way to create your own embroidery designs.

This darning foot fits Janome machine's with a front loading bobbin - category A

Please note: To ensure you order the correct foot for your Janome Sewing Machine please check to see which category your machine belongs to

CATEGORY A - Snap-o-matic - Standard 5mm width - front loading

CATEGORY B - Snap-o-matic - Top loading 6.5mm / 7.0mm width ( short shank )

CATEGORY C - MC11000 / 10000 / 9700 / 9500 / 5700 / 5000 / 8000 High shank embroidery machines. MC6600P ( high shank )

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