Loyalty points

We'd like to say thanks for shopping with us and we recognise that saving money here and there helps us all. Especially if we can save money to buy more fabric!


Whenever you shop with us to buy your fabrics, haberdashery or patterns you start earning loyalty points that you can use to make savings against future purchases when you're shopping online.


To earn points - log onto your account

All you need to start saving points is to log into your account so your points can accumulate when you shop. Your loyalty points show up on your shopping basket page underneath your total, but they only show when you have at least 20 points. You get 1 point for every £1 you spend and we give you 5 pence per point! For example when you buy 2 metres of fabric you earn 25 points that you can then use on your next purchase to save £1.25!


Spending your points

Those savings will soon add up and you can redeem your points on your shopping basket page by ticking the box marked 'Use points' that comes up under the Total when you shop.


We hope you enjoy your savings and have fun with your sewing projects!