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Monday, 19 January 2015  |  Shelley


For sewists, there is nothing more annoying than a sewing machine that you can't use.  

If the issue is mechanical, we repair and service machines, using our engineer who has over 30 years experience. 

See here for servicing and repair info

However, some sewing machine issues are easy and quick to fix, for example a lost piece of the machine, or broken part (see below..!).  We tend not to have these on the website as there are so many different parts, however pop in or give us a call and we can match you with the right one.


Naturally prices can vary according to the type of sewing machine, but here is an overview of our popular Janome parts:


Bobbin Cover

These are clear, which makes them handy for watching how much thread is left in the bobbin, but not so handy to find when you put them on a cluttered sewing surface.  We have also heard of the story of the bobbin cover dropped on a floor and then trodden on and broken.  However, these are easy to replace, and currently retail at £4.50, so not too scary.  

We have these available to buy online.



Spool Pin

These fit on top of the machine for holding thread - and again can easily be mislaid. They are just £2.00 for a replacement.  We also stock the little piece of felt that goes underneath, this will set you back £1.30. Find both in store.



End stopper

To keep your reel of thread in place - a small end stopper costs £1.20, and large one £1.50.



Lint Brush

A clean machine is a happy machine, and a small lint brush is 80p.



This gets a bit technical, as the screw depends on what type of machine you have, and where you want it for.  However, they start at 70p, with the majority under £2.00.



Screw Driver

These flat screwdrivers are handy to have, but can again can get mislaid, or you can inherit a second hand machine that doesn't have it's complete kit.  The three pronged one is £4.50.



Rubber Feet for underneath your sewing machine

We occasionally get calls asking if it is possible to buy these.  It certainly is, and the majority are in the region of £2, they stop your sewing machine wobbling about!



Janome bobbins are 70p each, so there is no need to keep wasting thread by taking what's left off the bobbin when you want to use a different colour or type.   We sell these online.


Slightly trickier to fix, but can still be done at home...


Thread Cutter

You know how the cutter on the side of the machine can go blunt over time (and get quite annoying)?  Well it is a cheap part to replace, and it just pulls out.   These are £4.50 each.



Needle Threader

Sometimes the thin piece of wire can get bent out of place, so you cannot use it anymore. This is fairly easy to replace, and the part costs £7.50




No need to sew in the dark - these range from £2.99 to £15.00 depending on which sewing machine brand.


Replacement Manuals


Range between £8 and £26, however, these are available online.  We have heard of some people taking theirs apart, laminating and then binding it so it stays lovely and pristine.  An idea for you perhaps...

Photos taken on Robert Kaufamn Linen, £16 a metre.

See all our Sewing Machine Parts on our site.