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Best Foot Forward - Quarter Inch foot

Wednesday, 28 January 2015  |  Shelley


The Quarter Inch Foot

We sell lots of sewing machine feet here at Brighton Sewing Centre - for example Janome offer over 80 different types!  

Most people get into a routine of just using a couple of feet, not realising the other types that are available that can make their sewing easier, and get better results.

So, here on the blog each week we will be focusing on a different foot, starting with those from Janome.

Week one is the quilters essential; the quarter inch foot (this links to cat A foot)  


What is it used for?

Most quilt making patterns require a seam allowance of 1/4 inch.  This foot has a guide, which when you sew alongside it, gives you a perfect 1/4in seam allowance very time.  

Many quilters now also use this foot when sewing other items, such as home furnishings and children clothes, as the foot helps you to sew a very straight seam.


How does it fit on?

It snaps on, so is easy and quick to change - no need to get the screwdriver out.


How much is it?

The foot costs £15.  

Before ordering a foot, make sure you know whether you need category A or B/C as they are slightly different (although the same price).  The category corresponds with whether the bobbin is a top or front loading, so if you can give us your machine model number, or even describe it, we can match you with the right one.


Any other info...

This is not a standard foot, and only comes with some of our quilting machines, or with the additional quilters set that you can buy to go with your sewing machine.

Lots of quilters use what they call a "scant" quarter inch.  This means they make sure their fabric is flat, and next to the black guide on the foot, about a thread width away.  If you take the fabric past the edge of the foot, or bunch it up your seam allowance will be bigger than a quarter inch, and your patchwork will not fit together as well.

Never set your machine to a zig zag or decorative stitch and forget to change the foot.  The quarter inch foot is designed for straight stitch only, and the needle will hit the foot and break.