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Best Foot Forward - Overedge Foot

2 CommentsMonday, 2 March 2015  |  Shelley

The Overedge Foot

This week on the blog we are looking at the overedge foot - also known as an overcast foot (this links to Janome cat B/C foot).


What is it used for?

This foot is used to finish seams neatly, and to stop them fraying.  When used with the right stitch it gives a similar look to a finish sewn on an overlocker.  
To use the foot, line up the edge of your fabric with the guide on the side of the foot.  Select the correct stitch on your machine, and sew.   The stitches are made over the brushes, and this stops the fabric from curling, as can happen when you zig zag along the edge of fabric.
You can use a zig zag stitch, or an overcasting stitch with this foot - refer to your sewing machine manual for the correct one for your machine.


How does it fit on?

It snaps on, so is easy and quick to change - no need to get the screwdriver out.


How much is it?

The Janome foot costs £15.  

Before ordering a foot, make sure you know whether you need category A or B/C as they are slightly different (although the same price).  The category corresponds with whether the bobbin is a top or front loading, so if you can give us your machine model number, or even describe it, we can match you with the right one.


Any other info...

Some other manufacturers make these feet with a metal pin, instead of brushes.  These feet work in exactly the same way.After placing the foot on your machine, test the stitch by using the hand wheel.  This means you can check the stitch is where you want it to be, and the needle is not going to hit the foot, and so break.  

Janome have a video showing the foot being used on their website here.


See the overedge foot here

Ginny Jones
Saturday, 21 March 2015  |  14:57

I have a new Janome 8050XL. iApparently the feet I need are Category B. I do a lot of overedging but cannot find this presser foor on Janome web page. .i would like to buy one but am not sure if it will definitely fit my machine. Can you assure me?

Libby Cheeseman
Monday, 19 December 2016  |  19:19

My machine is a singer panoramic