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Brother L14

Brother L14£99.00


Brother LX17

Brother LX17£119.00


JQ2 Janome Quilting Kit

JQ2 Janome Quilting Kit£119.00


Brother LX25

Brother LX25£139.00


Janome 2200XT

Janome 2200XT£139.00


Janome J3-18

Janome J3-18£169.00

Back to basics

JQ8 Janome Quilting Kit£185.00


Quilting Kit for Atelier 3

Brother XR27NT

Brother XR27NT£189.00


Janome J3-24

Janome J3-24£199.00

Great little machine!

Brother Innov-is 15

Brother Innov-is 15£249.00   £229.00

Great starter machine

Brother XR37NT

Brother XR37NT£239.00


Janome Sewist 725S

Janome Sewist 725S£259.00


The New Sewist

Brother Innov-is 20LE

Brother Innov-is 20LE£299.00


Free extra feet!

Janome 423s

Janome 423s£299.00

Metal body front loader

Brother Innov-is 27SE

Brother Innov-is 27SE£349.00


Janome HD2200

Janome HD2200£369.00


Solid machine + strong motor

Brother Innov-is 35

Brother Innov-is 35£399.00


Janome - DKS30 Special Edition

Janome - DKS30 Special Edition£429.00

Easy stitch navigation

Janome Sewist 740DC

Janome Sewist 740DC£449.00


Easy stitch selection

Janome DKS100 Special Edition

Janome DKS100 Special Edition£479.00

Scissors and Buttons!

Janome Sewist 780DC

Janome Sewist 780DC£499.00


Scissor button!

Brother Innovis F420

Brother Innovis F420£599.00


Bernina B330

Bernina B330£699.00


Computerised sewing


Janome Atelier 3

Janome Atelier 3£699.00


Brother Innov-is NV1100

Brother Innov-is NV1100£749.00


Bernina 1008

Bernina 1008£879.00


Mechanical and strong

Brother Innov-is M280D

Brother Innov-is M280D£899.00


sewing & Disney!

Brother Innovis NV1300

Brother Innovis NV1300£899.00


Bernina B350 Patchwork Edition

Bernina B350 Patchwork Edition£995.00


Great for patchwork


Janome Atelier 5

Janome Atelier 5£999.00

Next step towards professional sewing

Bernina B380

Bernina B380£1,095.00


Janome Atelier 7

Janome Atelier 7£1,199.00


Brother Innov-is NV1800Q

Brother Innov-is NV1800Q£1,299.00


Brother Innov-is NV800E

Brother Innov-is NV800E£1,299.00

embroidery only

Janome - Memory Craft Horizon 8200QCP Special edition

Janome - Memory Craft Horizon 8200QCP Special edition£1,399.00

Extra space for sewing!

Janome Memory Craft 6700P

Janome Memory Craft 6700P£1,599.00

Dream machine  (1)

Brother Innov-is NV2600

Brother Innov-is NV2600£1,999.00

Bigger hoop sizes!

Brother innov-is V3

Brother innov-is V3£1,999.00

Embroidery only!  (2)

Brother Innov-is VQ2

Brother Innov-is VQ2£1,999.00

Super sewing space!

Janome Atelier 9

Janome Atelier 9£1,999.00


Brother Innov-is V5

Brother Innov-is V5£2,999.00

Bigger is better!  (1)

Brother Innov-is V7

Brother Innov-is V7£4,499.00

Whistles and Bells

Brother Innov-is XV

Brother Innov-is XV£6,499.00

Scanner is amazing!

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