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Worth paying extra for this model
Wednesday, 22 March 2017  |  Izabela

I love using this overlocker (I had it nearly 4 months now).

Not much adjustment is needed to the basic setup unless you are sewing very thick or super thin material.

I am just amazed how good it is, especially when I managed to sew a very thin chiffon silk using the picot edging with a cotton thread. (!)

I find it extremely easy to use and threading it is really easy due to the markings on the machine (the DVD scares you this is complicated, but actually it is not).

I am rally grateful for the great advice in the shop as if not got it I probably would go for a cheaper model and then end up regretting the purchase.

One negative I have to say (if this even could be a negative) it didn't came with a cleaning brush which I think is an essential as you need to clean the machine after each garment.

I love this overlocker and would wholeheartedly recommend it.

Amazingly quick
Sunday, 12 March 2017  |  Lucy

Good quality.

Over edge foot category B - Janome
Wednesday, 1 March 2017  |  Fawzia

Excellent little addition, easy to attach and use.

Lampshade Making Kit 20cm
Lampshade Making Kit 20cmLampshade Making Kit 20cmLampshade Making Kit 20cm

Lampshade Making Kit 20cm

  • Only takes about 30 minutes 
  • Great gift for crafter friends or older children
  • Quick and simple to make, easy instructions to follow
  • Create your own stylish lampshade with this DIY kit 
  • Just select a long quarter of fabric and away you go!
  • Makes a 20cm W x 18cm H lampshade, which you can use as a pendant, or table lamp
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Use this lampshade kit to need to make your very own unique lampshade! All you need to do is choose some fabulous fabric to make it out of!

Your finished lampshade will be 20cm in diameter x 18cm high and can be used as a ceiling shade, or on a lamp stand.

Kit contents:

  • 1 x Lampshade ring
  • 1 x Lampshade ring
  • 1 x Self-adhesive white lampshade panel size 64.3cm x 20.6cm includes 1.3cm kiss cut.
  • 1 x 3mtr roll self-adhesive tape
  • 1 x Rolled Edge tool for finishing

Fabric needed

You will need 64.5cm x 22.0cm of your chosen fabric, which is only a long quarter!


Light fitting

The lampshade frame included in your kit will fit the standard bayonet cap (BC) lamp holder. This is the most common type of lamp fitting in the UK today. It can also be used with  Edison Screw (E27)  lamp holders, most common in Europe, simply remove the converter plug in the centre of the fitting

We recommend the use of low energy bulbs with your lampshades. They use less energy and are cool to the touch, avoiding the problem of scorching shades and ceilings.

The lampshade materials have been tested and passed the glow wire test carried out by the Lighting Association.
Contact us for test certificates.

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