Brother PE Design 10
Brother PE Design 10Brother PE Design 10Brother PE Design 10

Brother PE Design 10

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Brand:  Brother

PE-Design 10 embroidery software includes new and improved features such as the ability to specify multiple sewing directions and the option to convert stitch patterns to outline patterns.


  • New Print & Stitch function allows you to iron a design onto your fabric and add your own creative stitches
  • Photo Stitch function converts your photographs to embroidery data
  • Auto Cross Stitch & Appliqué Creation function
  • Enhanced realistic stitch preview
  • Enhanced Split stitch tool
  • New stitch functions for more expressive embroidery include, stamped cross stitch and candlewicking stitch, floral design, mirror copy, circle copy and shog line
  • Expanded letter functions include 130 built-in fonts, transform text, contour, monogram, small fonts from 3 to 6mm
  • Font creator enables you to create and process user-defined font types. Save handwritten characters to be embroidered from letter designs and define unique embroidery patterns
  • Link connecting function for professional tasks - embroidery designs can be sent from the computer to be embroidered on multiple embroidery machines
  • 200 pre-installed design templates
  • Over 1000 built-in designs
  • Insert names - simple by replacing text, you can create a whole series of identical embroidery designs with pre-aligned text
  • Intelligent colour sort

Minimum PC requirements

  • Computer -  IBM-PC or compatible PC
  • Operating system -   Windows VISTA, Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1
  • Processor - 1GHz or higher
  • Memory -  512 MB (1GB or more is recommended)
  • Hard disk free space -  300 MB
  • Monitor -  "XGA (1024 x 768)" 16-bit colour or higher
  • Interface - 2 available USB
  • Internet Access: Required for upgrade

All owners of existing PE-Design versions 5 to 8 and NEXT can purchase the PE-Design 10 upgrade software to enjoy all the great new features of PE-Design 10.


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