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Monday, 17 November 2014

Presents for Dressmakers

So for day 2 of our 5 days of stitchy gifts, we are looking to the stylish dressmakers.  We have a diverse range of dressmakers shopping with us, from the enthusiastic beginners, to the experienced small business owners, so hopefully have something for everyone.


Our picks are…



Stocking Fillers

Tin of Pins
Something dressmakers will always need!, These pearl head pins come in a handy attractive tin.

Chaco Liner
Long been a favourite of quilters, we are meeting lots of dressmakers who are converting to Clover's chaco liner.  A chalk marking tool, it makes a fine line and is much cleaner to use than traditional tailors chalk.

£7.75, comes in white, yellow, blue, red.



By Hand Patterns - Elisalex

By Hand London's dressmaking patterns feature up to date versions of classic silhouettes.  We have in stock a range of patterns by the company, however the Elisalex dress is our favourite.  Make the sleeveless version for parties, or the long sleeve version for work.


The Refashion Handbook
This book is packed full of ideas to personalise and transform clothing.  It covers how to measure, reshape, fit and finish a garment and is aimed at all sewists - whatever their size.  The techniques are easy and fun, even for beginner dressmakers.


Moon Set of Threads
Something else dressmakers will always need!  We think this is another ideal present for both beginner and experienced dressmakers.  The bundle contains 20 of our best selling colours of Moon threads, so there should always be a spool in the sewing box that matches the current project.  Each reel is 1000m long, and 100% polyester.  Why not try hanging them from the tree as presents, or putting them in home made crackers for your stitchy friends?
£16 for a set of 20 reels


Concealed Zip Foot
To a non sewer, this may not like the most exciting thing to unwrap under the tree on Christmas morning, but to anyone who is taking their dressmaking a bit further they will be delighted.  With this foot, you can make zips look invisible, and part of the seam  This one if for a Janome, however if you let us know you machine type and model we can find you the perfect fit.


Fiskars Tailors Scissors
A good pair of scissors are a joy to use, and Fiskars have won awards over the years for their good, trustworthy design.  Theses tailors scissors are ergonomically contoured to ensure a good grip, and are shaped so the bottom blade rests under the fabric to ensure accurate cutting.



Father Christmas knows I've been good this year!

Janome 9200D Overlocker

An overlocker is ultimate accessory for dressmakers.  They create a professional finish to garments, as well as speeding up the dressmaking process.  This model from Janome is a nice quiet overlocker, and our best seller for those wanting it to use at home or for small production lines..