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Gift ideas day 5 - Children's

Monday, 17 November 2014

Presents for Children

With a staff of parents, grandparents and aunts, we are always encouraging children to craft.  Never too young to start, we suggest items such as felt, buttons and ribbon.  With a little guidance, sewing machines can be used by children as young as 7, so lets get them crafting!


Our picks are…


Stocking Fillers


French Knitting Maker
These make us nostalgic, as for so many of us here, french knitting was our first foray into the world of craft.  This maker comes in blue or yellow colourways, and can be used to make a string of knitting in two different sizes.  Try using to make scarves, jewellery, something to hang drawings from, legs for stuffed toys...endless possibilities!


Tilda Ribbon
You can never have enough ribbon - they are great for card making, jewellery making, customising clothes.  Small projects are ideal for children, as they don't get overwhelmed by something that takes a long time to finish.  This blue star ribbon, from the Norwegian company, Tilda, is nicely presented and makes a lovely addition to a craft box.




Bear Kit
This sweet bear is a Brighton Sewing Centre design.  The kit includes easy to follow instructions, and everything you need to make the bear except a needle.  Ideal for children.


Pin Cushion
Our apple pin cushions are very handy piece of kit to have, as well as looking lovely on the table when sewing.  In a patchwork design, they come displayed in a box - perfect for wrapping!



The Making of a Rag Doll
This is not a book aimed at children, however the lovely designs from Jess Brown mean we think this would be a wonderful project to make with a child.  Our tip would be to keep everything in a box, then whenever you have a free afternoon for sewing it is all there ready to get out and sew.  The book contains not only the pattern for the doll, but also clothes, accessories and even a quilt!


House Sewing Case

Once addicted to sewing, it can take you by surprise how all the threads and haberdashery mount up.  This cute case is the ideal thing to store supplies in.  If you would it filled with a start kit (needles, thread, tape measure...) just let us know and we can help.


Father Christmas knows I've been good this year!

Brother L14

A sewing machine is a great gift for a child.  If you ask many of the professional stitchers who come into the shop, they can still remember their first sewing machine (and some get misty eyed!).  This Brother machine is a great price, and an ideal first machine.  It does everything you would expect a machine to do, with 14 stitch options including a buttonhole.  If you aren't a stitcher yourself, do remember if you live locally we can demonstrate the machine when you buy it to help to make Chistmas morning sewing a happy experience!